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 1. Intro
Some of you guys wonder how I talk to women. Here are a couple of text conversations with two different women


 2. Conversation
With the first girl, we planned to meet up on Saturday, but then she tried to change it to Sunday. Sunday is when I run all of my errands, so I told her that Sunday was out of the question. Here are the series of texts we exchanged: Her: "Hey sorry to burst your bubble but lets try another time. first of all im exhausted. worked tonight then tomm. at 6 to unload truck then again sat.&sun.; am" Her: "And...the pharmacist at my work booked a restaurant and included me in count for coworkers going away party sat. at 930 so everyone can go after close"

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 3. Makes an effort
OK, so how should you handle this situation? First, I know that the girl likes me, as she already has said that I'm a pretty boy, she makes an effort to text me out of nowhere, and she initiated the idea of coming to see me on two other occasions. With that information, you should know that she isn't bullshitting you. And if you look at her texts, notice how many details she gives. If someone doesn't want to see you, they will say the minimum. I could be an asshole in this situation, but everything isn't always about me. So here is how I respond... Me: "Calm down. Its not that serious. I dont know about your past guys, but you dont ever have to explain anything to me. If you cant make it, you cant make it." Me: "Get some sleep and do whatever you gotta do. Just get at me whenever."

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 4. two short text messages
Notice what I do in just two short text messages. First, I let her know that I'm not the type of guy to freak out over a canceled date. Why? Because I have other options. My life does not revolve around one girl. And even if I had no girls, I still have a social life outside of women. But notice how I subtlety slide that in there without saying it directly. Next, I separate myself from every other guy she's been with. She already likes me, and this only reaffirms how she feels about me not being like every other guy she's come across. I'm willing to give her freedom, unlike most men who try to put their women on house arrest. And lastly, I show that I do care about her well being. Again, everything isn't always about me. She knows that I can be an asshole at times, but this reassures her that I really am a nice guy. Here's her response...

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 5. Dialogue
Her: "no explanation. damn im all for that. wish i could though. ill get back to you at another time soon." And it pays off. It may look like there's a lot going on, and there is, but my responses are second nature to me. Based on my past experiences, by laying off and not sweating her, she's going to miss me even more, and make the interaction much easier for me when we meet up. In other words, little to no shit tests, and she's going to be very cooperative. Happens every time. Time for conversation number two: With this girl, we haven't seen each other in a few weeks. I decided to send her one of my assholish texts... Her: "think u may have sent text 2 wrong person! but how r u doin?" She asks me how I'm doing. What does this mean? Things didn't end on a bad note and we're still good. It's one thing if she responds, but if she attempts to continue the conversation, she at least still wants to play the game and see where things go. Here's my response... Me: "You mean this isn't my grandma Lovejoy? But seriously, my bad. I'm doing good, and what've you been up to lately?" Just being playful... Her: "not much! did u have a good turkey day?" Again, she's attempting to keep the conversation going. Me: "If you call sleeping all day good, then I guess that's a yes. Im busy all week this week, but if youre free sometime next week, we need to chill."

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 6. Final Words
What I just did doesn't even need to be explained. Of course I could have squeezed her in that week if I really wanted to, but why didn't I? I have a life, and am not going to go out of my way to change my plans for a girl. Also, I build up anticipation. For the next week, she's going to be waiting on my text. I'll probably make her wait longer than a week, just to fuck with her a little. Now, after that text, she didn't respond immediately like she did priorhand. Did I get antsy and text her again? No. I have a one text policy for each time a girl texts me. I waited it out. She could simply be busy. When I'm at work I sometimes respond back to back, and then get caught up in something and I won't respond for a few hours. Oh, what's this? She finally texts me back... Her: "i just work mostly so get ahold of me or whateva" Nuff said. In other words, unless she's working, her schedule is free. Like I've said before, don't expect me to post all of my conversations with women, but I hope these two examples gave you an idea of how you should be texting them.

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